Get Programming: Python Edition

You can learn a valuable skill and embark on a lifetime journey of learning with Get Programming: Python Edition. This self-paced introductory course covers the fundamentals of computer programming using the Python language. Python’s easy-to-read style is perfect for beginners. At the same time, Python is not a toy language and has application well beyond the “classroom.” The versatility of the language is an added benefit for anyone who completes this course. You’ll have the option of going deeper with Python or transitioning to another language where you can apply the fundamentals that you’ve learned with Python.

OS X/macOS? Windows? We’ve Got You Covered!

GP-Mac GP-Windows

Whether you’re is using a Mac or a PC running Windows, you’ll have access to the lesson material in a form that matches your system. You’ll be able to use the same tools and features shown in the videos right away.

What Does it Look Like?

Here’s some video excerpted from the “Getting Around” lesson, which gives instruction on some relevant commands in the terminal as well as terminal integration with the graphical user interface. The video includes a sample of the same lesson for both the OS X and Windows platforms.

 Ten Lessons With Exercises

Get Programming: Python Edition includes 10 video lessons tailored to your platform of choice (OS X or Windows). You will have access to the lesson videos for both platforms. You’ll also get a PDF containing the exercises for each lesson. Lessons include

  1. Getting Around
  2. Hello World
  3. Interactive Use and Saving Your Work
  4. Data Types, Operators, and Variables
  5. Data Collections
  6. Functions
  7. Conditional Logic
  8. Looping
  9. Exceptions
  10. Classes

Help Included

Are you stuck on a concept or exercise problem? No worries. Written solutions to all exercises are included. You’ll also receive 2.5 hours of additional video content discussing all of the exercise solutions in detail.

Offline Viewing

ALL of the content can be downloaded for offline viewing. This offers two advantages. First, you will be able to access the content wherever you are. Second, you’ll have access to the convenient chapter marks to quickly navigate to a desired portion of a video. This keeps the number of videos to a manageable size while allowing an easy way to go back and review just the material that you are interested in seeing. Chapter mark navigation works with QuickTime Player or VLC. (NOTE: Windows users shouldn’t install Apple QuickTime, as it is no longer supported on the Windows platform.)

A Chance To Shine

Programming skills must be applied to be fully understood. Get Programming: Python Edition includes a special project that will give you an immediate opportunity to apply your skills in a practical manner. The project description includes plenty of hints to help you succeed. You’ll also receive a sample solution to the project that you can use for reference.

What Are You Waiting For?

Isn’t it time for you to Get Programming? Get Programming: Python Edition is available now!

NOTE: This course was originally published on and is still available there with all of the related materials. The videos have now been made available on YouTube as a set of playlists:

The related course materials can be downloaded using the links below.